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Just wanting to inform all of our patients during this time of concern during the Coronavirus that we are not closed or limiting our patient care hours. We are continuing to provide our regular patient care, STI and PrEP services. We are prepared for this and there is medication available to treat patients. It is just important to seek treatment within the first 48 hours of your first symptom. It is important to be informed but not to over-react to any and every symptom. If you have a concern you are welcome to call the clinic prior to coming in and masks are recommended and provided if you have any symptoms such as a cough or fever. Please do not feel you need to reschedule your usual appointment. We have not seen a single case of Coronavirus in our clinic. Be safe, wash your hands often, stay away from over crowed areas but do not feel you need to miss your regular appointment. We are open for your care.

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If you are HIV+ or currently on PrEP and have incurred No Show or Same Day Cancellation Fees or have a large balance you are having problems paying please inquire with management to see if you are eligible or can become eligible to have these fees removed from your account through a special financial assistance program we may

be able to offer.

Ask to fill out a request form or speak with Jim.

Immunizations Available

At onsite pharmacy.

3960 Lindell Blvd.

St. Louis, MO  63108

For Life-Threatening Emergencies Call 911

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