Our Story and Staff


Our Providers:

      Dr. David A. Parks had a calling in 1990 to become a physician after seeing what the HIV/AIDS epidemic was doing to the world.  He was then working as a Chemical Engineer with the Monsanto Corporation for 10 years building manufacturing plants all over the world making a very well known weed killer.  He quit his job and went back to school at St. Louis University School of Medicine and graduated in 1994 and then did his residency at Washington University finishing in 1997.  He is well known not only locally but nationwide as one of the most knowledgeable HIV providers, speakers and published researchers.  More than his medical knowledge he is loved most by his patients for his compassion and willingness to take time and explain their medical conditions and treatment plans.

      Brian Brennan, FNP-C - Graduated from Chamberlain College of Nursing, St. Louis, MO. as a Family Nurse Practitioner in 2018.  Prior to that he was a RN since 2015 specializing in the Intensive Care Unit.  He has multiple licenses and certifications such as Emergency Nurses Association, NIHSS (Stroke Certification), Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support.  He has a partner and a son and is very excited to be bringing his skills to our clinic and we are just as excited to have him!

      Jennifer Cafi, PA-C - Graduated from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL. in 2010 as a Physician Assistant, prior to that she was a Respiratory Therapist 1991-2001 and served as a Medical Technician in the Air Force National Guard.  She also has multiple licenses and certifications such as Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Basic Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and her DEA license. After many years of working in the Emergency Room and Urgent Care she also is excited to be practicing in a medical clinic and especially excited to get to know our patients on a personal level and provide long term care to everyone.  And we know that you will all be happy to have her take the best of care for you.

      Matthew Cary, FNP-C - Graduated from Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO in 2011 as a Family Nurse Practitioner and previously his RN in 2007.  Matt as some of you will remember previously worked for us around 2013 and now will be returning to work with us 4 days a week around the end of July.  Since Matt has been gone he has been working more in the administrative side of medical care getting great experience Managing ER staff for multiple hospitals.  We are thrilled and I'm sure some of you will be too that Matt is back here.

Our clinical and administrative staff:  

      Jim Bilderback - Clinical Director & Research Coordinator has been with CentralWest Healthcare since 2009.  He started his medical career serving in the United States Army 1991-1995, initially training in field dentistry then trained at field medic and worked as surgical technician at William Beaumont Army Hospital, El Paso, TX.   But if you have visited our clinic you may have noticed his first passion, photography and art!  He trained in Graphic Design at Southern Illinois University 1984-86.

      LaWanda Bishop has been a Medical Assistant since 1983 and has worked with Dr. Parks now for close to 20 years, from the start of his career. Patients love LaWanda's outgoing personality, compassion and unmistaken laugh.

      Amy McDaniel has been with us since February 2017 as a Medical Assistant since 2011.  She has cross-trained in multiple areas of the clinic and is excited to now to have the opportunity to work in the back office as a full time Medical Assistant.

    Chad Storie has worked on our front line since 2010.  Chad wears multiple hats performing check-in, scheduling and referrals.  Chad is also a previous employee of Mercy Hospital we he worked in multiple areas.  Our patients have grown to expect to see Chad here daily, so we no longer offer him any vacation time! Kidding of course.  Feel free to contact him at ext. *810.

    Prescriptions: ext. *818.

    Candace Miller is our new Billing Manager.  She has many years of billing experience and is more than happy to help you with working on paying your bill, payment plans, disputes, working with your insurance company to get claims paid and help you in anyway possible.  Feel free to contact her at ext. *811.

      We love treating patients from every walk of life and pride ourselves on having a variety of patients coming to see us and providing the best care possible to you.  We are also proud to be one of the most laid back clinics in the city, yes we wear jeans and t-shirts but we are still professionals.  We want you to feel like you are coming into our home and a place where your friends are. We want to relax so you can relax. Nothing here is off topic and you can just say it like it is, we have heard it all and nothing surprises us (too often). We do a variety of HIV Research which has helped in the advancement of HIV treatment and benefits patients which may not otherwise be able to afford treatment.  We are the only private clinic in St. Louis that owns a DEXA scan machine, capable of performing Bone Density tests to check for osteoporosis and Body Fat Analysis.  This service is open for patients and the general public.  This testing is not typically covered by insurance but we have made it very affordable for all.  Cash prices are $150.00 for initial testing and $75.00 for ALL follow up testing. Call for more information or to make an appointment.

      We have recently started our own STD and PrEP clinic in conjunction with the Missouri Health Department to provide free testing and treatment for STD’s to anyone. We are also prescribing PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV) for anyone that wants to be protected from HIV but does not want to be seen for a full length appointment, you will not be required to be a patient but you will be required to perform lab testing every 90 days to receive your prescription.  Because our goal is to make receiving PrEP faster and easier than a typical doctor's appointment we have aptly named our service Fast PrEP!

Thank you to all of our wonderful patients and to those of you who we have yet to meet!

The Staff of CentralWest Healthcare

Jim Bilderback, 
Clinical Director
Research Coordinator
David A. Parks, MD

Brian P. Brennan, FNP-C
Jennifer Cafi, PA-C
Matthew L. Cary, FNP-C
Candace Miller
Billing Manager
Amy McDaniel
Medical Assistant
LaWanda Bishop
Medical Assistant
Chad Storie
Front Office
Lead Receptionist
Referrals Management
Prescription Management 
Pericles & Taschus
Clinic Mascots

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